Pokemon Party Games

Pass the Pokemon – Have a Pokemon toy to pass around or make a Pokemon parcel with a prize inside; wrap it several times so each time the music stops the guest has to open a piece of it, last one to open the entire parcel wins the prize inside.

Pin the Tail on Pikachu – A Pokemon variation of pin the tail on the donkey. Buy a Pokemon poster, print/cut out Pikachu tails (source the Internet) write each guests name on the back of the tail and have each take turns pinning the tail while blind-folded. Closest to the tail wins.

Pokemon Card Trade - Have an area set up at the party where card-holders can trade their cards.  Ask quests to bring their trading cards on the invitation, just make sure they bring them in a container/binder with their name on it, and keep them in a safe place until the trading begins.

Pokemon Game Tournament – Use a Pokemon video game to stage tournaments, just be sure to let everyone get a turn and get some extra controllers. Keep track with a score sheet if necessary.

Paint a Pokemon – Buy Styrofoam balls and have guests make their own Pokemon, use ping-pong balls for Pokeballs.

Pokeman Party Food

Pikachu Pizza – Regular pepperoni pizza

Pokemon Balls – Any round treat like sugar donut holes, Maltezers (malt balls), popcorn balls, or rice crispie cakes (make into a ball)

Charmander Chips – Chips and dip or salsa

Chimchar Meatballs – regular meat balls with bbq sauce

Charizard Carrots and Dip – Veggies and dip

Regice Ice Cream Floats– Places balls of ice cream in large mugs and pour soda over it. Get red cream soda (Jigglypuff), Mountain Dew (Pikachu) et