Princess Birthday Party Games

Take a Tiara – Buy several tiaras and place o the floor in the middle of a circle, one tiara for each princess - minus one. Play some elegant, princess type music. The princesses must walk around the circle while the music is playing. When the music stops, the princesses must grab a tiara and put it on. The one without a tiara is out and the game continues until there is one princess with one tiara, the winner. Let all the princesses keep their tiaras.

Pass the Slipper – Give the birthday girl a beautiful slipper (buy a toy dress up slipper or give her a beautiful dress shoe). When the music starts she is to pass the slipper. When the music stops the princess holing g the slipper gets a prize. Keep playing until all princesses have a prize, all the prizes could be the same thing like a tiara which they then wear throughout the party.

Make a Tiara, Wand or Treasure chest – craft stores are great for getting supplies for these or use items you have at home and buy sequins, glitter, fake jewels, ribbon etc. Each princess gets to take home their creation.

Primp up the Princess – Play Dress up. Find fun skirts and dresses (the prettier the better), as well as feather boas, sparkly jewelry, gloves, shoes and a little make up (blush and lipstick is really all you need). Place all in a chest (you can make one from a cardboard box) and let the princesses get ready for the feast (Snacks and the cake). They can even have a princess parade before to show off their beautiful outfits.

Princess Birthday Party Food

Petite Sandwiches – Any type of sandwich like peanut butter and jelly just cut into small dainty pieces, use a crown, flower or star cookie cutter.  Serve on silver trays or on a tier plate.

Fairy Fruit Wands – Assorted fruit; strawberries, melon, pineapple, grapes cut and placed on skewers. One end could be cut into a star shape (cookie cutter) for the end of the wand. Provide various dips like chocolate sauce or yogurt (strawberry).

Princess Cupcakes – Instead of a cake frost vanilla cupcakes with pink icing, decorate with various candies listed below or pre-made cake decorations like crowns, tiaras or various Disney Princess characters.

Various Princess Candies  - For decoration on the table or on food trays and cupcakes. Candies such as ring pops, candy necklaces and bracelets, love hearts etc.

Pink Princess Potion - Pink punch, mix red raspberry or strawberry with pop or serve pink lemonade.