Transformers Party Games

As  guests arrive at the party have them each take a card that says Autobots and Decepticons. This is the team that the guest will then be in for any games.

Pin the Prime – A variation of Pin the Tail. Buy an Optimus Prime poster and cut out wheels to pin on it! Place the guests name on each wheel. The one closest to the actual wheels on the poster wins a prize.

Build a Bot – Get 2 huge boxes, and some smaller ones. Use used CD’s, screws, or buy some cheap car or plumbing parts.  Each team to create their own transformer.

Track the Transformer Cards – Buy Transformer cards and hide. Ask the 2 teams (Autobots and Decepticons) to find their cards, give a time limit. The team with the most cards wins.

Autobots VS Decepticons Balloon Blast-  For Outdoors. Typical water balloon fight with red and blue balloons, or insert red and blue sparkles inside the balloons!

Transformer Party Food

Make your own Robot – bake 2 simple white cakes adding blue food coloring for one and red for the other one. Using various food items, Oreo cookies, wafers,chocolate bars, fruit, smarties etc. have each team decorate their Transformer. One catch, each team must eat their cake, so they have to make it appetizing!

Transformer Snacks – Maltezers, Pop Rocks (put them in pop for an explosive effect), rock candy, or Gobstoppers.
Bumble Bee Nachos and Cheese  – Nachos and Cheese, add salsa as well
Blue and red Jell-O
Blue Drinks (Gatorade) and Red Drinks (strawberry/raspberry)