Star Wars Party Games

Asteroid Hunt – Everyone can search for asteroids at the party!  Wrap small gifts or treats in aluminum foil. Hide them, when the game starts have everyone search for the asteroids. The one with the most wins a prize, plus they get to keep the gifts and treats. 

Alien Face Painting – Ask someone who is good at this or search the Internet for face painting ideas (aliens). Let the guests come up with their own alien name.

Destroy the Death Star - Buy or make a round Death Star piñata filled with Star Wars treats. Each Jedi take turns battling the enemy with a light saber until the Death Star "explodes."

Star Wars Party Food

Alien Milk – add blue food coloring

Wookie Cookies - As long as they are big and brown, any cookie will work.
 Jedi Energy Bars – Any type of granola bars would be fine.
Arrange the food in “Light vs Dark”: