Spiderman Party Games

Spider Catch: Place fake spiders, big and small, all over the party place. Use cobwebs to enhance the effect. Give everyone a paper bag to search for all the spiders. Say Go! The person with the most spiders wins.

Guess How Many Spiders - Fill a jar with plastic spiders or spider rings and have everyone guess how many are in the jar. The person closest to the exact number wins a prize.

Pin the Spiderman – It’s "Pin the Tail" with a twist. Create a spider web background (create one on a large piece of paper or use string/Halloween décor). Print pictures of Spider Man from the Internet, ensure you have enough pictures for everyone.  Place the guests name on the back of each Spiderman then have them pin on the web. The one who gets their Spiderman closest to the center is the winner.

Pass the Spider – Use a big hairy spider to do the game to music. Once the music stops the person holding the spider is out.

Spiderman Party Food

Spider Sandwiches: Spread peanut butter (watch for nut allergies) between 2 round crackers. Place 4 pieces of black string licorice in the middle for the legs. Use chocolate chips or raisins for eyes by placing a small amount of peanut butter to stick them on.

Goblin Eggs: Deviled eggs especially for Spiderman fans! Hard-boil eggs then cut in half and scoop out the yolk. Mix the yolk with mayo and mustard (as you would with Deviled eggs, see a recipe for amounts) then add green food coloring, mix until smooth. Scoop yolk mixture back into each egg.

Spiderweb Cakes: Bake cupcakes and ice them red. Make a spider web design on the top using black icing. Place a candy or plastic spider on top.

Chips & "Goblin" Guacamole
Bug Juice -
Mix a yellow drink with a blue one (Kool-aid is great). It will make a radioactive green.
Bug Ice Cubes - Place candy bugs into ice cubes and add to drinks