70’s Disco Party Games

Have guests arrive in 70’s attire

Twister – Popular game, you can still buy it

Spin the bottle – Everyone knows Spin the Bottle!

Dance off – Disco parties are for dancing! Form a circle and have each guest go to the middle for a showcase of their skills. Round of applause determines the winner.

Lip Syncing – Everyone knows the words to the most popular songs. Buy a fake microphone and have a show. You can also prepare lyrics beforehand, write the lyrics on large paper boards and have the guests sing from them.

70’s Disco Party Food

Popular food from the 70’s

Meatballs – Serve in a crock pot (a popular 70’s thing)
Fondue – a 70’s favorite, cheese and meat and offer a dessert one too with various fruit and chocolate.
Grilled Sandwiches – cheese, Monte Cristo (ham and cheese)
Cocktail Weenies
Tab & Dr. Pepper – Popular 70’s drinks
Chips and Dip
Bugles - Popular 70’s Snac