Hollywood/Oscar Party Games

Ask each guest to come dressed in their favorite Hollywood character. Distribute ‘Best Dressed” Awards and hand out fake Statuettes as a prize.

Who am I? – As the guest arrive place a ticker on their back with the name of a famous Hollywood celebrity. They must then ask other guests only 3 yes or no questions to determine who they are. This encourages everyone to mingle while other guests arrive.

Famous Lines – Write down famous lines from movies on separate pieces of paper. Divide guests into two teams and have one guest from each team take a line from a bowl and say it in the character of the actor that said it. Their rest of team must know the answer for a point, if not the opposing team can steal the point.

Who will take the Oscar? – Have a list of all the Oscar Awards  and the nominees. Make copies and distribute to all the guests. Everyone must select their picks Have them place their name on the top of the sheet and hand to the person next to them. As the night progresses, the sheets are checked and congrats are awarded to the correct selections. Prizes can be handed out for most correct selections.

Hollywood/Oscar Party Food

Consider hiring a professional bartender or caterer for the added touch.

Star Cake – Purchase a star cake pan, decorate with silver or gold sprinkles
Fruit & Chocolate – Various fruit, especially chocolate dipped strawberries.
Caviar and Crackers
M & M’s or Smarties – Only the blue ones or red ones. Separate them like the stars soul have.
Movie Theatre Food (more casual theme) – Popcorn, various chocolate bars, hot dogs, nachos and cheese