Card Night/Casino Party Games

Consider asking someone who knows poker, cards and casino games to co-host and plan the tables accordingly. Remember you cannot play for cash. Determine your chip denomination, to make it simple for novice players try one or two denominations. Set up tables with various games:

Poker - Supply several packs of cards and pokers chips. Give a 100 or so pokers chip to each guest.
Black Jack
Roulette – Can purchase a wheel at most game stores or source on the Internet
Bingo – For those that aren’t into the card games a good game of Bingo is fun, have some prizes on hand
After a winning hand have the guest put their name in for a door prize

Card Night/Casino Party Food

Nacho’s & Salsa – Also have melted cheese and guacamole
Chili con Carne – Make a huge batch of chili keep warmed in a crock pot and have buns and butter on hand
Chips and Dip
BBQ Chicken Wings and Ribs
Easy to get Drinks – Beer, wine, coolers