Forever and Always/Mr. & Mrs. Games

See Basic Party Games also

The Newlywed Game – Ask 3 or more couples to play, including the soon to be wed couple. Have the men leave the room while you ask questions to the ladies about their relationship, foods they like, places they would like to go etc., once the men return the same questions are asked and they must have the same answer as their wives. One point for each correct answer. Then it’s the ladies turn to leave the room. The couple with the most points win.

Balloon Dance – Have several balloons ready. Ask couples to dance with the balloon between them, belly to belly, then ask them to turn around so they are back to back, still dancing. Speed up the music and offer some more dance moves they must comply to. As the balloons fall the couple is out. The last couple standing wins.

Who do you Know Best? – Distribute a quiz on the happy couple to be, one quiz is on the groom, the other is on the bride. Ask each guest who they feel they know the best the bride or the groom. If they say the bride give the quiz about the groom to them and if they know the groom the best give the quiz about the bride. This is a twist on the quiz and will really show some interesting answers. Make the quiz multiple choice and throw some funny questions in there. Highest score wins a prize.

Forever and Always/Mr. & Mrs. Food

See Basic Party Food also

Fondue – something different, cheese and meat and offer a dessert one too with various fruit and chocolate.

Hors d’ oeuvres/Appetizers – Spring rolls, calamari, shrimp cocktail

Cocktails and Shooters - Prepare various popular cocktails and source different shooters from the Internet.

Wine and Cheese