Bachelorette Party Games

Who Knows the Bachelorette the Best? - A simple quiz of about 20 questions ranging from naughty to nice. The one with the most correct wins a prize.

I’ve Never – Everyone gets a turn stating what they have never done. Everyone that has done that has to take a drink.

What is it? - Buy several bachelorette ‘toys’, party gifts, place each one in a bag and have everyone put their hand in the bag to guess what it is, each correct guess wins that ‘toy’.

Be Mine Bracelets – Buy several candy bracelets, one for each party guest. Throughout the evening anyone that catches another party guest complaining about their husband/boyfriend, job, money or weight can take their bracelet away. The one with the most bracelets wins.

Bachelorette Party Food

Veggies and Dip – Always a good choice for the girls. See our Famous Dill Dip Recipe

Various Sushi/Rolls

Hors d’ oeuvres/Appetizers – Spring rolls, calamari, shrimp cocktail

Champagne Punch – Orange juice or lemonade and champagne or rose champagne. You can also use Champagne and Raspberry liquer. Add strawberries or cherries.

Themed Drinks – Margaritas in all variations.