One More Candle Birthday Party Games – 30th, 40th and 50th Birthdays

Games and themes could reflect the time that the birthday boy/girl remembers the most for example the 70’s or 80’s or a favorite theme like Casino, Hollywood etc. have everyone come dressed for the theme. See Basic Party Games and More Excuses for a Party for more ideas.

The Roast – milestones such as this require a lot to be said, a Roast is often a great way to pay tribute. Ask all the guests to bring a favorite story about the guest of honor, preferably a funny one (be sure that they have a sense of humor). The host or another friend/relative that is good with words should be the emcee.

This is Your Life – Create a history board showcasing the headlines at the year of birth, various photo’s of the guest of honor, pictures of celebrities that share the same birthday, their horoscope etc.

Birthday Boy/Girl Quiz – prepare a quiz concerning the birthday boy/girl distribute as the guests arrive. Review the answers as a group, the one with the highest scores wins a prize.

Karaoke Contest– Use songs from the era that means the most. The round of applause determines the winner

One More Candle Birthday Party Food – 30th, 40th and 50th Birthdays

See Basic Party Food also

Special Bar Drinks – Create variations of one type of drink like Martini’s or Margaritas; Chocolate Martini’s or Strawberry Margarita’s, assign a special area at the party and call it “Margaritaville”

My Favorite Foods – Whatever the guest of honor likes he/she gets and so does everybody else. Ask friends and family to prepare their favorite food and ring to the party that way everyone can experience Aunt Madge’s special chocolate cake.

A Catered Affair – Themed catering can really make a difference when there are dishes that are best left to the experts. Leaves the host more free time to get into the excitement.