Mickey’s Party Games

Pin Mickey’s Ears – Find a poster of Mickey and create Mickey’s ears (source the Internet). Make enough copies for everyone, place the name of the guest on the back of each set of ears. The one that gets the closest to Mickey’s ears wins a prize.

Mickey Says – A version of Simon Says

Pass Goofy – Use a Goofy to play a Hot Potato game of passing Goofy around a circle until the music stops.

Minnie’s Memory – Minnie can’t remember where she put her shoes! Have all guests on chairs in a circle, ask them to take off their shoes and place in the circle. After yelling Go! They all must find their shoes, the first person to have their shoes on their correct feet (right and left), run around the circle, then get back to their seat wins the game.

Mickey’s Party Games

Mouse’s Favorite Snack – Cheese, and more cheese. Macaroni and Cheese, grilled cheese sandwiches and various cheese snacks with crackers

Pluto’s Peanut Butter Delights – Peanut butter and banana sandwiches. Use Mickey cookie cutters to cut into shapes.

Mickey’s Ice Cream – Prepare ice cream in bowls and use chocolate wafers for the ears, smarties for the eyes etc. Let eh guests decorate themselves.

Pluto Punch – Any brightly colored juice/pop