Harry Potter Party Games

The Sorting Hat – As each guest arrives have them reach into a ‘sorting hat’ to find out which house they belong to. Give them a sticker to place on their clothing that has the house name. For any games these can be the team names.

Hermoine’s Homework – Create a quiz of about 15 questions with well-known information (so most guests will be able to answer). Have the guests stand with their teams (houses) and call out the questions. First one with the correct answer wins a point for their house. The most points wins the House Cup (buy a small trophy) and prize for each guest. Give other prizes the other houses.

Potions Class – Prepare drinks in various colors, blue, green, orange, red etc. (Kool Aid is good), include some pop drinks too and have the guests make their own potion drinks.  You can name the potions; Frog Juice, Dragon’s Blood etc. Add some gummy worms and spiders that they can throw in as well. They all must taste their own potions and name them. The birthday boy/girl gets to pick their favorite (hide the name so it’s fair) for a prize.

Harry’s Golden Coins Hunt– Buy 30-40 gold chocolate coins and hide. Give each guest a bag, the one that collects the most coins wins.  Give a time limit, say 10-15 minutes. All the guests get to keep the coins the winner gets a prize.

Bernie Botts Bean Guessing Game – Get several flavored jelly beans (Jelly Belly’s are best as they state the flavors on the box).  Blind fold the guests and ask them to guess the flavor by writing down on a prepared sheet. The one with the most correct answers wins.

Harry Potter Party Food

Snapes Sandwiches – make a selection of sandwiches, use some food coloring to make the mixture green or blue (tuna, egg salad) and use a cookie cutter to cut into broomsticks, witches hats or wands.

Hogwarts Halloween Feast – Gather various sweets and candies and go overboard buy purchasing large lollipops, Twizzlers, donuts with white icing/sprinkles, various cupcakes etc. and sprinkle Smarties and other candies around the display.  The first Harry Potter movie is a good guide, the Halloween feast is shown there.

Bat Wings, Chicken Fingers & Dragons Legs – Chicken Wings, Chicken Fingers, Drumsticks
Dragons Eggs – Prepare Deviled Eggs, use green food coloring for the middle.
Butter Beer – Ginger Ale
Pumpkin Juice – Orange pop or Kool-Aid
Professor McGonagall’s Witches Brew – Lime or strawberry Kool-Aid and serve from a cauldro