Barbie Birthday Party Games

See Disney Princess Games also.

Barbie Beauty Spa – Gather makeup, nail polish, hair accessories, jewelry etc and have a spa event. You’ll need some helpers to pamper the guests by doing their nails, primping their hair and putting on the makeup and jewelry. Have little bowls of warm water and table and chairs for the manicures and pedicures to make them feel really special.

Pass the Barbie – Have a Barbie dressed only in a swimsuit, place various clothes in the middle of the circle. Start the music and have the guest pass the Barbie. When the music stops the guest holding the Barbie must try to dress the Barbie as much as they can. When the music starts again they must continue to pass the Barbie. The one who completes the entire outfit wins a prize.

Barbie Says – A variation of Simon says. The Birthday girl says Barbie says for various actions. The guest out is the one that does the action without the “Barbie says”. Play until there is one person left, the winner.

Barbie Dance Off – Play some up-beat disco type music and have a dance off. Have a teenager or even a dance instructor to come and offer some dance moves for them all to try.

Barbie Party Food

See Disney Princess Food also

Barbie’s Favorite Hang Out – Serve all food “Mall Food Court” style.  Give everyone fake money (Monopoly money) to buy their own food. Have food stations that offer fries, pizza, hamburgers etc.
Barbie Burgers – Burgers and fries with all the fixings.
Party Pink – Add red food coloring to anything like dips, pancakes, rice krispie treats etc.
Fashionable Finger Foods  - Create heart shaped or flower shaped sandwiches with cookie cutters. Peanut butter and jam is a favorite.
Fancy Candy – Candy necklaces, bracelets, rings, love hearts, pink M & M’s etc.
Pink lemonade or Cherry Soda - served in pretty plastic glasses