Hannah Montana Party Games

Find the Real Mylie: Find pictures of Mylie as herself and some of Hannah Montana, place the pictures around the party.  Number the pictures, give everyone a piece of paper and get everyone to jot down all the pictures and identify the "real" Mylie.  Give prizes for the correct answers.

Pass the Mike: Play a popular hit song, passing a toy microphone around while the music is playing. Stop the song, the person holding the microphone must finish the song.

Guess That Tune: Play popular songs, and get everyone to guess the singer and the name of the song by writing down titles on pieces of paper, winner is the one with the most correct guesses.

Star Shades: Decorate plastic sunglasses with glitter, beads, etc.

Hannah Montana Party Food

Microphone Cake: Popular cake for any “Superstar’ birthday! Bake 1 rectangular and 1 round cake. Frost the round cake with white icing, sprinkle some colored sugar or chocolate sprinkles. Make a handle from the rectangular cake and frost it with chocolate icing. Black licorice string can make a microphone cord.

Chips'n Dip
Rice Crispies Stars (cut in star shapes)
Cookies (in music note shapes)
Make your own Ice Cream Sundaes