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Party PlanningEZParty - Party Planning

Getting Started – The Basics

When planning a party the best place to start is to determine the basics by using the  “Five W’s”: When, Where, Who, What and Why.

  1. When will the party be held?
  2. Where will you have the party
  3. Who will attend?
  4. What is the budget?
  5. Why are you having a party?

EZParty Planning free Tools

To assist you with your Party Planning, we have developed a few tools that will make your life easier. These free tools are:

The EZParty Free To Do List
The EZParty Free Planner

The EZParty Free Agenda

Getting Started – The Basics

1. When will the party be held?

Firstly, plan ahead. Usually 4-6 weeks is enough time to get all things completed. Keep in mind that other people have plans of their own so planning around holiday times and long weekends for example, can be more difficult, you may want to check with close friends and family first before deciding on a date. You’ll want to at the very least have your “must have’s” at the party.

Weekdays are OK in the summer months, not necessarily in the winter when the days are shorter. Weekends are ideal, just remember that many people have other activities planned. Again with plenty of advance notice, most will try to make an effort to be there if they can.

Length of the Party

Typically children’s parties are 3-4 hours, shorter if they are younger.

For adult parties you can go into the early hours of the morning, as in a New Year’s party, just remember to get a sitter to occupy your children or have them stay at Grandma’s.

For family parties you need to cater to both so parties can be longer just ensure that you have varied activities for the kids and adults, some of which they can do together some apart. Halloween is a good example of a family party, and a lot of fun too.

2. Where will you have the party?

There are many options today as to where to have a party, time and budget will help determine this. To keep it simple let’s look at either “Home” or ‘Away”.



You set up

They set up

You buy, prepare and layout food and drinks

They prepare and layout food and drinks; you buy

You clean up

They clean up

You control the theme and set décor accordingly. You can be more original and creative

The place is the theme, they determine the décor. People typically use the same locations for parties, therefore repetition.

Easier to have a “Plan B”

If location is outside, weather can be an issue.

More privacy

Less privacy

Cost effective

Can be more expensive

Once you have hosted a party using the tools and party kits from EZParty you’ll look like a pro. Hosting a party at home does give you more flexibility, especially to be creative. However, there are some great options for hosting your party away from home, some will let you take more liberties with the décor. See EZParty Themes for some great party locations.

3. Who will attend?

The theme or special occasion will determine your guest list. Children’s birthday parties are determined by their friends, neighbours and school mates. Your children will want their best friends to be at their party so check their schedule, then invite others. Remember some will not be able to attend, try to settle for 8 guests which is easier to manage. If there is more, get someone to help with the activities and food set up.

Special occasions like Easter, Baptism/Christening, Thanksgiving or Grandma’s 80th is often family oriented so the guest list is determined already with a few friends thrown in there. Halloween is an exception as many people celebrate it and it’s a fun excuse for a party.

Theme parties like Disco, Casino, Oscar/Hollywood, Luau etc. warrants a list that caters to many but not all. Some people are not Disco people, others don’t gamble therefore don’t feel that you always have to invite the same people to the parties. A girls “Margarita” party doesn’t include any men, just as a Bachelor party doesn’t include any women.

Big parties are a lot of fun, the more the merrier is the old saying. If planned and executed well you will be the guru of party planning, again EZParty can help you with this. However, remember the following:

Parties are fun
For the people that come
The person that hosts
Is the one with the most…..WORK !

Invite as many people as you see fit, just remember to get some help!

4. What is the budget?

Whether you have the party at home or away the cost is determined by:

  1. Number of people attending
  2. Music, ambiance
  3. Party supplies and décor
  4. Food and drinks? You make or is it catered?
  5. Prizes, Gifts, Costumes, Goodie bags
  6. Entertainment, rentals?

From the above list determine where you would like to spend most of your money. Would you rather sacrifice on food and spend more on entertainment? Or is the food and drink a major part of the theme?

Give yourself a maximum amount that you wish to spend in total then try to estimate how much you will spend in each area by using the EZParty Planner

You can still accommodate all areas by being creative with the budget and using some of the following tips:

Cost Saving Tips

  1. Reduce the guest List.
  2. Reduce the length of the party.
  3. Rent or borrow items rather than buying them.
  4. Have the party before or after meal times, this way snacks and finger foods will suffice.
  5. List BYOB (Bring Your Own Booze) on the invitation.
  6. Hold a “Potluck” meal. You can ask everyone to “Bring their favorite dish to share”, even offering a door prize ballot for all that bring a dish.
  7. Co-host with another friend or relative to share the cost.
  8. Buy the EZParty Kits. These kits are considerably less expensive than buying separately. Plus it saves you time.
  9. Does a friend have a special talent? Ask them if they would like to be the entertainment.
  10. Create your own games by using the ideas listed on the Basic Party Games.
  11. Buy prizes at the dollar store or print coupons for friends or neighbours; “I’ll wash your dishes on Tuesday night” or “I’ll plant your flowers in the spring”.
  12. If hosting away from home check the Party Places for locations that might be less expensive and would be an all inclusive price like Chuck E. Cheese or a Bowling Alley.

5. Why are you having a party?

There is always an excuse for a party and some people relish in the thought of planning one, others would rather have someone else do it. Parties bring people together. They can serve as a way to get to know your neighbours or your co-workers, celebrate an important occasion, or just simply to have some fun. After all life can be too serious, parties can relieve the stresses of our daily life.

Before you even start the planning of a party take on a new attitude. Relish in the fact that you will get to meet some new people (or get to know others a little more), eat some great food, be a gracious host and WOW people with your party planning skills. Once you have one successful party you’ll be thinking of what you will do for the next one. People will also be asking you when you plan on having another.

If you love to have parties then EzParty will only make it easier by assisting with the planning, suggesting some great products and giving you more ideas to work with.

The best place to start is to look at the EZParty Themes. There you will find themes that will inspire you to get going on your party. Then use the EZParty Planner and the EZParty To Do List to get started.

Good Luck !

EZParty Planning Tools

The EZParty To Do List

Date and Time

  • This To Do List outlines all the necessary tasks that need to be done when planning a party. You simply decide on a Party Date and Time then complete the list. The list starts at 4 Weeks Prior and ends with the Final Day. You need to insert the dates that each task will need to be completed by. On the Final Day you will insert the time for each task.

Completed and Who?

  • As you complete each task select the Completed Box. It is always a good idea to enlist the help of others. You can list the initials of your “helpers”, then follow up with each of them to see how they are coming along with the task.

There are some blank areas for you to insert any additional tasks that you wish to include.

This is a great working tool, so print and keep close by. You can then complete by hand or go back to your P.C and complete it. For further information on each area of the EZParty To Do List see “More EZParty Points to Ponder.

The EZParty Planner

Once the EZParty To Do List has been created you can take the planning one step further and complete the The EZParty Planner. This planner gets more specific with the tasks that need to be done. Here you can do the following:

  1. Create your guest list and keep track of the RSVP’s
  2. List all the needed items that you need for the party along with an estimated budget.
  3. A Shopping List for you to complete once all the items that you need to buy are determined.

An EZParty Sample Planner has been provided for you to review and use as a guide . A EZParty Blank Planner is included for you to complete on your own. Be sure to “Save As” and rename your file, once you have completed your planner.

This is also a great working tool, so print and keep close by.

The EZParty Agenda

The EZParty Agenda is a sample template that you can use to plan the timing of your party. This is a generic Birthday Agenda based on a party lasting for 31/2 hours. You can be creative with the script and bullets and also add in some clipart that relates to your theme.

You can print the agenda on coloured paper and  post at the party or distribute to your guests in interesting ways, like rolling into a scroll and tying with a ribbon.

So there you have the Three Tools for Planning your EZParty, be sure to use them, everything will go much more smoothly.

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