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Basic Party GamesBasic Party Games

What’s a real party without some fun and games. All the memorable parties have some sort of activity that guests talk about for years to come. For specific games for each party theme be sure to check the EZParty Themes and Kits.

Here are some basic party games to get you started. You can use these games for any party, just customize them to fit the theme or occasion.

The Quiz

While your guests are waiting for others to arrive a “Quiz” will keep them busy and get them chatting with other guests. For a 50th birthday party there can be questions about the ‘Guest of Honour’ like, “What’s his favourite colour?” or “What’s her favourite band?” The highest score can receive a small trophy or prize for knowing them the best. Take a look at the The EZParty Luau Quiz for an example. Source information from the Internet and remember to have the answers ready on a separate sheet.

Who Am I?

This is another simple game that guests can do while waiting for others to arrive. Simply get some sticky notes and write the names of famous people that relate to your party theme. For example write the names of famous disco singers from the 70’s like Donna Summer or Peaches and Herb. As the guests arrive place a sticky note on their back without them seeing the name. Ask that they then ask the other guests only three yes or no questions about their famous person. For example, “Am I a male singer?” If they didn’t guess the correct name they must move on to another guest until they guess correctly. This game will get everyone acquainted, talking and mingling quite quickly.

The Right Family

This is a really fun game for kids and adults alike. This is a simple story about the Right Family. You can change the story according to your party theme. All you need is the story script and about 8 wrapped prizes. Depending on the amount of guests, there should be 1 prize for every 2-3 people. The host or hostess gathers the guests in a circle and distributes the prizes, one every 2nd or 3rd guest. The host stands in the middle of the circle and reads the story aloud. Every time the word “right” is said the guests must pass the prizes to the right. When the word “left” is read the guest must pass the prize to the left. At the end of the story who ever has a prize keeps it. The end of the story should be quite fast with guests passing left and right, this is hilarious! Whether it’s a Christmas party or a Halloween party the story can change, just be creative and have fun with the story. Take a look at the EZParty Right Family Vacation Game for a sample.

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