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Party PlacesParty Places

Want to have a party outside the home? There are many places you can go, some you may not have even thought of. Before you decide take a look at what you need to know before you go. Also see EZParty Points and Ponders for the difference between ‘Home’ and ‘Away’ parties.

The Basics of Planning a Party at a Different Location

When planning on where to go for your party think about the following and be prepared to ask questions about the party place to determine your cost.


  • Are there set menu’s that you can choose from?
  • What is on the menu? Is it appropriate for your party guests?
  • Are there other food alternatives available, i.e. allergies (nuts), vegetarians?
  • Can you bring in your own food i.e. cake?

Time and Place

  • How many guests can they accommodate? Is there a minimum amount of guests that can attend and a maximum that they can hold?
  • How long can you stay?
  • Activities available? Entertainment?
  • If the party is outside is there a ‘Plan B’ should the weather be bad?


For children’s parties the place is the theme. Do they provide invitations, party favours, goodie bags, decorations? If not can you bring your own?


After determining the above estimate the cost per person, compare to your budget.

Cost Saving Tips

  • Co-host with a friend or relative. A joint party can be fun and you save on the costs.
  • Pick an off time for the party. For example pick a weeknight rather than a weekend or select an earlier date for a Christmas party.
  • Don’t plan the party at a meal time, have appetizers or snacks instead.

Where To Go?

Children’s Parties



Popular Restaurants

Mini Golf
Rock Climbing
Sport Event (Baseball, Football)
Amusement Park
Water Park



Mini Golf
Rock Climbing
Sport Event (Hockey)
Play Centre
Gymnastics Club
Dance Studio
Beauty Salon
Martial Arts Studio
Ice Rink/Roller Rink
Movie Theatre
Science Centre
Laser Tag

Pizza Hut
Boston Pizza
Chuck E. Cheese
Burger King


Adults and Families

Racing (Car, Horse)
Golf Club/Local Resort
Beach (Volleyball)
Boat (Tour)


Hotel/Conference Centre
Community Centre
Old High School

Olive Garden
Red Lobster
Ruby Tuesday
The Old Spaghetti Factory
East Side Marios (Canada)
Jack Astors (Canada)

Bring Them to You

Many times you can have the party come to you. Here are some ideas for a house party with a Twist !


Older Children & Adults

Critters – Animals in your house; reptiles, insects, furry creatures of all kinds
Mad Science – Local Science teachers/enthusiasts do all kinds of experiments and the children can participate
Circus Games – Rent a variety of circus games from a local party equipment rental
Balloon Castles - There are a number of new castles with themes and slides
Entertainers – Magic, Costume (pirate, princess), clowns

Spa – Bring in local beauticians for manicures and pedicures
Astrology/Numerology – A local expert to give readings
Craft/Painting A local artist to show the basics
International Flair – Pick a country, bring in the experts, plan the food and games around the country
Rent a Limo – take the guests to a local restaurant or venue in style

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