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Basic Party FoodBasic Party Food

If you want to make your life easier then keep your party food simple, but tasty. Remember the tips on EZParty Points to Ponder, have the party away from dinner times and possibly even have each guest bring their favourite dish to help you out, at least your close friends will oblige anyway.

Below are some basic party foods that you can throw on the table as well there are some kids party basics that you can use for most children’s parties. See also each party theme for other party food ideas we are willing to show our EZParty Famous Dill Dip Recipe with you if you promice to send us a note on how delicious it was! Check out www.cooking.com for other easy recipes.

Basic Party Food

Potato Chips – use the basics (plain, BBQ, salt and vinegar) and also try some different types like jalapeno, roast chicken, herb and garlic.
Nacho’s and Salsa – Keep the salsa to medium and include some heated cheese dip too.
Popcorn – make your own or buy it in other flavours too (caramel, cheddar)
Nuts – peanuts, cashews, mixed
Various Dips – you can buy or see our EZParty Famous Dill Dip Recipe
Veggies – cut up cucumber, celery, mushrooms, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower and green/red peppers. Buy a dip or use our EZParty Famous Dill Dip Recipe
Potato Salad
Small Sandwiches/Dinner Rolls – Egg salad, tuna, deli meats.
Cheese and Crackers – various cheeses (mild and strong) and different crackers
Chocolates and Squares – get a 2-3 tier plate and layer various chocolates and squares like Nanaimo bars, brownies.

Kids Party Food

All the above basic party food can be used for kids parties (be careful on the nuts), plus add the following kids favourites.

Pizza – pepperoni and just cheese
Hotdogs – with all the fixings; ketchup, mustard, relish. Wrap/bake in crescent rolls!
Hamburgers - with all the fixings; ketchup, mustard, relish, cheese
Chicken Fingers – with the dips; BBQ, plum sauce, ketchup
Cheese Sticks – cooked (battered kind) or plain
Grilled Cheese
Cookies – various; chocolate chip, Oreo’s, oatmeal
Cupcakes – easier to eat than a whole cake, get the kids to ice and decorate them.
Ice-Cream – kids can make their own sundaes. Provide different ice-cream flavours and all the fixings; chocolate syrup, whipping cream, sprinkles, chocolate chips, Smarties and a lot of napkins!

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