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Party PeopleEZParty - About Us

We like to party!

We believe that life is too short to not enjoy it as much as you can, so we love to put on a good one for all our family, friends and neighbours. Our family is like the Brady Bunch, only not quite so many kids. There are seven of us in total, Richard the crazy French Dad, Kathryn the ultimate organizer mum, and the 5 kids; John, Jenna, Sebastien, Gabriel and Nicholas…No they don’t all live in the same house!

We have had our share of parties over the years, so much so that we feel we can offer the novice and the professional party planner a few tips and tricks. As a former Director of Training Kathryn knows her way around event planning, so many ideas for party planning comes easy for her. Richard, being a crazy Frenchman, knows all the great party games. The kids add their own twist to the mix and voila we have a great party for everyone.

So many friends and neighbours have told us to create a party planning business after attending one of our many parties. So we thought why not! 

We hope you find that our website is a lot of fun to navigate through, easy to read, informative with great ideas, tips and printable documents and above all we hope that you indulge in one of the many EZParty Kits. These kits are a great all-in-one package, and really cost effective, we know because we’ve bought so many party supplies over the years and these are the best deal around.

Our Vision
EZParty is determined to grow into a one-stop shop for all your party needs. We will strive to offer the easiest, most time effective and cost efficient ideas and products to make your party plan come to life. We want YOU to have an amazing party and we will help you do it.

Our Values

  • To offer party planning basics in an easy to read and do format
  • To strive to bring our customers new ideas, themes and products to enhance their party
  • To establish relationships with our customers so we can benefit from each others experiences
  • To do our best to offer the easiest, most cost effective way to do a party
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